Stay Away Or You Will Be Swallowed

Humans are not at peace even from the beginning of the world where resources were maximum and necessities were less, they were struggling on daily basis learning, discovering, developing, deploying, and civilizing, improving their lifestyle to the standards where we are now.

But one thing which never changes over time is their primitive nature, the struggle for survival. Previously it was to save their specie from being hunted down, later on, it converted to save their tribe, and with each evolutionary step, at last, ended on personal survival (now where humanity is standing).

Yes, that’s true the only thing which changes is the hunting method, the weaker among us becomes an easy target for a little experienced person, or you can say who knows the rule.

So, how the whole infrastructure works? There are multiple strategies that people adapt based on the situation, opponent, and status.

Let’s take a closer look at these methods

  • Physical harm
  • Reversing Psychology


Those people who are in power use it to satisfy their desires either by killing or harming an individual or destroying the whole country. They have a special mindset through which they work by controlling, buying, or paying for their target. They are mafia’s working on the rooftop of our system as they made it, rule it, and have the solidarity to transform it. Moreover, they pass this power into the most astute descendent to continue being on top.


People from all areas of life & any age group, profession, society, or status face this technique and among them successfully gain their targets using it. Hunter is the person who uses Psychological tactics to destroy their opponent, significantly removes themselves as a hunter from the mind of their victim, and made their victim think that the problem is within the sufferer not outside. Let’s group these hunters to make it easier for you to identify if you ever come across any of them:

  1. The Drainers: These people work with the energy and strength of their targeted person. First, they look for someone with high motivation and positivity, then they attach themselves with that person and start doing their nasty business, which is, to make their prey feel tense, put them down for no reason and always stay unhappy with their prey’s good fortune. You would feel sick after a small encounter with such persons.
  2. The Flatter: They are all around your working space, in your relatives, etc continuously taking credit and giving fake complement to deceive you and put you in an uncomfortable situation. Their tongue is sweeter than honey and their primary weapon too which is not easier to avoid but it helps them to achieve their goal quite easily. If you came across them they make you feel like the king at one moment but throw you in the swamp in the next moment.
  3. The Pessimist: Their target is dreamers and optimistic people, they talk down and have a problem for every solution when they come across you they use negativity and Exaggerating risk factors technique to take you away from your dreams and goals. They only care and love themselves and feel good by seeing people in trouble.
  4. The Criticizer: A major weapon in their hand is to criticize you even when you are the only person with a solution in the room. They don’t support you in your decisions and make it difficult for you to process your move. When you’re surrounded by these people you always stay suspicious about yourself and feel like you can’t do anything right. But they use your hard work and ideas to gain success.
  5. The Manipulator: They come into your life to control you and pretend to like you and other people but in reality, they are there to make you their salve, poppet and control your decisions, likings, and achievements.
  6. The Victim: They always show their selves as oppressed and play the blame game to win over people, make excuses for their failure, and constantly seek attention, actually, these tactics always work leaving others in guilt for their undone sins and mistakes.

How to avoid them?

You always know your worth but get bumped by these hunters and get collapsed, but you can overcome these hurdles and fight back when you know that you can. Initially avoid interactions with such people but if you can’t then learn the rules, don’t allow them to stay in your life, because, they have done some good to you in the past because they will ask for your life and peace in return. Surround yourself with positive people and protectors who will defend you till you learn the rule and fight back.



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