How Psychological Behaviours are Linked with Colors

Color Liking and Their Psychological Effects:

  • Red: People who like red color are very passionate, excited, energetic, courageous about life but be careful with this color as it provokes a feeling of aggressiveness and causes optical endeavors.
  • Orange: This color promotes a behavior of independence, adventure, creativity, optimism, and fun. This color activates one’s ability to socialize, which is why it is a color of Extroverts. Orange coveys excitement, warmth, youth, and enthusiasm to the observer. But be careful it also creates traits like a lack of severe intellectual implications.
  • Yellow: Is the color of optimism. As yellow is the color of sunlight, that’s why it brings qualities like clear thinking, quick decision making, uplifting, and irradiating with success and confidence in a healthy person. But for people who are suffering from stress, it causes anxiety along with being over-critical about everything.
  • Green: vibes as the color of nature, growth, and life. It has the most refreshing and life soothing effect on oneself. It provokes the spirit of the prolific environment with a secure and peaceful feeling. Green is sometimes negatively regarded as the color of possessiveness and mundane. So now you have a good idea of what it offers.
  • Blue: is the color of trust that induces calm and conveys tranquility, quietness, and unity. This color triggers confidence, integrity, and a sense of responsibility in a person; that’s why most companies use this color in their offices. Blue color tends to suppress appetite.
  • Pink: with this color first thought that arises in someone’s mind are sensitivity and feminism, but it doesn’t mean that pink is gender-specific color. This color creates a sense of being unrealistic and overly optimistic in the person.
  • Purple: is a color of spirituality and an intuitive soul which encourages meditation and self-awareness. Purple is associated with the characteristics of essence and luxury. Overuse of this color invokes impatience and arrogance in a person.
  • Brown: This earthly color gives a message of stability and a solid foundation. It is a sign of reliability, honesty, and sincerity. But this color can also cause a feeling of loneliness and isolation in one’s personality, which is why they commonly make few friends.
  • Black: Which adds up all color of a wheel and gives the sign of secrecy and mystery. This color shows power and control. Black is a good contrast for all colors to make them stand out. However, this color has a vast range of negative associations like lack of hope, unfriendliness, and evil, etc.
  • White: It carries a sense of purity, cleanliness, simplicity, and peacefulness. White often symbolizes a blank slate that triggers a sense of emptiness, yet it also expressed a new beginning.

Colors Expressing Emotions and Psychology

  • Bright and Fresh Colors: All bright shades of color become the prominent pop up in the room when there is something biggest exaltation happening, as they represent happiness, love, and celebration. Take an example: when you are in love, your mind will start picking shades of red and pink in all other colors. Similarly, you begin choosing bright colors for your dresses and daily activities.
  1. When you want a positive change or a new start your mind automatically starts picking nature’s bright colors to give you an extra hand of boost. For this reason, the doctors refer nature and outdoor to people suffering from emotional Delima.
  2. The second case is the weather when summer is at its peak; fresh colors cause a soothing and enriching effect on the brain that’s why people prefer these colors in their daily routine.
  • Dull and Dark Colors: Your sadness and bad mood automatically trigger choice for dull shades, as you are suffering from emotional drainage. So mind expresses its pain and suffering by pushing you to choose these colors. It is trying to signal out about your current state.
  • Neutral Colors: When your mind suffers through high stages of oblivion you start using these colors without consciously noticing. But if you are cognizant and drawn to them, it means there is some external force pushing you hard to like them (the case may vary based upon the situation). Generally, these colors are used in those places where the main target is to not draw attention.



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