Don’t Get Tricked, It’s A Trap

We all are somewhere dead from inside the flow of emotions and feelings require logical reasoning to determine what we are considering important is going to be beneficial for us in some aspect or not, even though sometimes it’s not necessary like choosing a dream career, partner or anything else.

Have you ever notice that whenever we have to decide, to reach the desire we unconsciously choose a difficult way to proceed which results in sucking all of our energy and leave us so mentally and physically exhausted in the end, that we can’t even celebrate our achievement.

Because this is how we have been trained, as we think that every important thing can only be obtained and valued when we go through some tough experiences, but believe me, that’s not always true we always have a choice of an easy way and open option.

It happens when we lose faith in ourselves, and start considering other’s opinions and judgment more appropriate ones, so here my question is why we do this so?

The answer to this is basic as we are hearing this phrase of “what will people say?” from our childhood, and this thing somehow got stuck with our unconscious mind and always get triggered whenever we are taking some important decision, which results in choosing more logical and material benefits over happiness and satisfaction.

According to Gary Snyder; “A person with a clear heart and open mind can experience the wilderness anywhere on earth. It is a quality of one’s own consciousness”.

An open mind and clear heart are the keys to one’s success as they untangled ourselves from people, environment, and situations that engulf all of our brightness and optimism.

So here the next question comes that how we achieve an open mind and clear heart?

It’s simple when you make yourself a priority and decide what you actually want along with that you draw a visible line between those who feed on your light and the ones that increase your brightness as when you will do this, most of the negative portion which provokes uncertainty and doubtfulness in your life would wipe away and you can see the bright light.

Some solutions are so simple and visible but we can’t find them as we surround ourselves with a huge pile of problems which start hindering our growth and problem-solving capability and the only way to exit this situation is to find our true self and stop getting controlled by anything

As we were born free, with a choice to choose because, in the end, we are the ones who are responsible for ourselves.



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Syeda Bintul Huda

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